Daily devotional for single women in their 20s

While a couple of my devos are constantly in rotation, a few others weave in and out as the mood strikes me, as I get new ones, or as my awesome publisher who generously sends me boxes of books on the regular, which totally makes this whole writing gig worth it!

What You Miss When You Don’t Forgive - Girlfriends in God - October 26, 2018

Say goodbye to savings and hello to showering people with hundreds of dollars, and then probably not speaking to half of those people ever again. Nicole Unice is an author and bible teacher who loves the many twenty-something women who surround her in ministry and in life.

You're tired and you have to save your money for other things. Because it really is okay and safe and even necessary sometimes to just be still and know that He is God.

There's literally nothing you can do to save yourself from gaining weight except of course sacrificing your social life, which you consider doing every so often, but then you fear losing all of your friends, so you end up drinking and eating shit at least once a week.

This is why you wear the same outfit over and over again -- it never gets photographed. It's Banana, Loft, J. Get familiar with his word and his voice. More than goals which are always time-specificyour values which are timeless will guide you through major life decisions.

You feel like an ass every time you exclaim, "Let's take a picture! That actually sounds better than going out with people you do like most of the time. Do I even want a ring from this person? No more Forever 21 crap. But no time like the present to pre-order!


Hopefully they will encourage and inspire you as much as they do me! The radical wonder of it stuns me happy, hushes me still: Do I even want a ring soon? Let every longing and desire and insecurity bring you back to him. People in their early 20s will try to make you feel better about yourself by saying "you're not THAT old," but that just makes you feel worse.

We spend so much time listening to what other people say about him, but what we really need to learn is what he says about himself. Oh, you just graduated college? Now they are just basking in their youth doing what you used to do every weekend.

I like to think of this as me in a Jesus suit — like a space suit. You've finally figured out the key to happiness.

Especially when that hope is in the wrong things. My mom keeps bugging me about that, but I don't even have time to date anyone. You actually cannot tell how old anyone is anymore. I'm sure there's not even a ring in the works. You have to work out. Seek hope in Jesus not in the stereotype of a Christian woman.

Your motto used to be "pictures or it didn't happen," but now pictures never seem to happen, regardless of how hard you try. Determine early on what matters most to you, write it down, and live by it. You feel as though there is no time to hang out with even your closest friends now, so you split your limited free time amongst a true few.

She found me after the service and tugged on my cardigan. Do I even want a ring ever? Knowing his voice will change your life and everything about it in the best possible way.

If you do find yourself out on a Friday, chances are you won't go out on Saturday. Every moment, every event, every happening. Oh wait, they're your age? And you learn in your twenties that there is nothing, not one thing or person or job or position or ministry or relationship or accolade, that can satisfy outside of Jesus.

This book and devotional opened my eyes to a whole layer of life and joy and blessings that I spent most of my life staring blindly at. I mostly just felt exhausted.

You have officially lost control of your metabolism.Read encouraging devotionals for women. Daily Bible devotions for moms, singles, and women of all ages. Daily devotionals including Proverbs 31. “Why are you still single?” (A single woman’s perspective on the dreaded question.) Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor.

This post is part of a series called 31. Jan 22,  · These women, most of whom were focused on domestic responsibilities in their 20s, 30s (and, in one case until her 70s), decided to pursue dormant dreams or discovered their callings later in life.

Top Ten Christian Devotional Books From books of prayer and Bible study guides to inspirational stories and spiritual self-help books, devotionals come. Girlfriends in God is a non-denominational ministry that crosses generational and racial boundaries to bring the Body of Christ together as believers.

Just as God sent Ruth to Naomi and Mary to Elizabeth, God continues to use women to encourage and equip other women in their spiritual journey.

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Daily devotional for single women in their 20s
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